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08-Oct-2016 08:02

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But is the exclusive version of the app really a step in the right direction?The original premise of apps like Tinder was that they would open up more options and more potential matches for long term love, a short term fling or anything in between.That's because Tinder, famous for putting potential love connections right at its users' fingertips, has been keeping its new, elite service under wraps for the last six months.That is, unless you're in the romantic "one per cent" — a group attractive enough, successful enough and elite enough to get your own velvet rope experience.Researchers from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear, the Harvard-wide Program on Antibiotic Resistance and the Broad Institute at MIT released a study on Thursday tracing the evolution of enterococci, a common bacteria.

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About 26 dating techniques can be applied to dating deposits and deformation of late Cenozoic age (past few million years).As the bacteria adapted, they began to resist things in the natural environment that could kill them, eventually emerging into the microbes we see today.

Cabrera — whose new single “Whatever, Whenever” drops on Friday, August 19 — performed at Brooklyn’s Coney Island Amphitheater hours before catching up with the “Complicated” singer.… continue reading »

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