Perfect partners online dating

17-Dec-2016 00:52

HAPPY couples sharing a swing, clinking champagne glasses at sunset, walking a golden retriever together. Once considered the pastime of desperate oddballs, the days when online romance carried something of a stigma are long gone.In an age where we live our lives on the internet, around two thirds of single people in the UK have tried online dating, 69 per cent of first dates are arranged using the internet and 15 per cent of married people met their spouses online.

That is, people who would never dream of telling a depressed person to “just try harder,” to pull herself “up by the bootstraps,” or to “just get over it” have no problems telling single people exactly that when it comes to finding a life partner.

Frederic Neumann’s recent post “Why Some People Can’t Find Anyone to Marry.” In it, Dr.