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07-Feb-2016 13:09

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Credits can be earned in various ways or, if wanted, you can buy them.

She adds, “When he was offered this role, Lauren [Graham] said to him, ‘When are you going to get the chance to play James Bond?

Maybe it’s a little too much at times — and rapid consumption of the four 90-minute episodes Netflix commissioned is not advised — but when it relies on the notable strengths of its core ensemble, it is television at its most warm and reassuring.

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In one chapter, she "scrolls through" the 150-plus episodes of the original series, offering a season-by-season review, along with observations on hair and fashion choices.But for those who want a retreat from reality in order to spend time in this beautiful little Brigadoon of a town, where a scheme to install a new sewer system is one of the most pressing issues on the local agenda, these “Gilmore Girls” episodes will feel like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.