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He successfully raised armies that destroyed the idols of a Holy city to which hundreds of thousands of the billion or so followers of the Prophet now make an annual pilgrimage. Waves of new religions occurred during the late Roman period, and there were many other small sects around the time that Christianity emerged. In Europe there were successive waves of new religions during the 4th, 12th, and 17th New Religions and New Religiosity 11 centuries. World-renouncing ones hate it and fight against it, often withdrawing into tightly run socially secluded communities.World-accommodating largely describe mainstream social religions. Where does Satanism" JQPU_Content="An atheist religion that uses dark and evil symbology for self-development and anti-religious purposes - Satan itself is not a real being, just a symbol.Second, there are new religious movements in the developed, industrial societies of the West, which are often associated with youth movements and the counter-culture.

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The first of the nine Satanic Statements is that "Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence! Anton La Vey, the founder of the Church of Satan, explained "the difference between indulgence and compulsion.

Barker (1989) estimates that there are at least five hundred different new religious movements in the UK.

This apparent diversity – expressed in the differences of outlook and constituency and in the methods of recruitment of the many various groups – has been usefully conceptualized by Wallis (1984), who divides them into ‘world rejecting (e.g. Transcendental Meditation, Scientology) and ‘world accommodating movements (e.g.

First, there are the new religious movements of aboriginal and tribal people in the Third World , which are the result of an interaction between local, indigenous religions and Christianity , and to a lesser extent Hinduism and Buddhism .

Various terms have been given to such movements: messianic, nativistic , and revitalization movements.

A second point that emerges is that in each case the leader left his family and expected his followers to cut off from theirs. In order to overcome their primary socialisation and the emotional ties that they had developed in their pre-NRM life, the movement's novitiates need to be surrounded and protected by others of like mind.