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19-Nov-2016 12:19

How is it that this uniquely American form of music, the soundtrack for the first half of the 20th century, has fallen so far? Today we’ll hear from Professor Rohit Deshpandé about his case study entitled “Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at the Lincoln Center.” Professor Deshpandé is an expert in global branding and international marketing. Kenny: Are you one of the apparently few people that listens to jazz? Kenny: One of the things that Wynton does in the very beginning part of the case is he defines jazz, and it made perfect sense to me the way that he defined it.

He teaches both executives and students here at Harvard Business School, and I’m going to guess you’re a jazz fan. He talks about it having three parts; improv, swing, and blues.

Given these headline-grabbing accusations, Wynton’s comments on race and its relationship to jazz are of particular interest.

He also discusses his work ethic, his feelings about when a musician leaves his band, why he considers himself “country,” and how to go about building a broader audience for jazz music.

This interview took place just before the recent controversy over Gene Lees’ book Cats of Any Color, which accuses Marsalis of racism.In her first cadenza, Benedetti let rip with a melange of ferocious sawing and delicate, high-lying threads of melody: this music was technically demanding.The second movement saw her instrument emitting squeaks and chirps over a wah-wah brass bass, and it ended in a Scottish folk song with a double-stopped violin lament.In its world premiere at the Barbican, with James Gaffigan and the London Symphony Orchestra providing support, this concerto opened with a Mahlerian lullaby on strings, through which Benedetti’s violin gracefully threaded its way.

The tonality then began to veer between classical and jazz, with constant shifts in style and dynamics: one had the feeling that soloist and composer had opened their entire box of tricks, with Marsalis referencing everything from Mississippi blues to the Hot Club de France.Calling from his home in New York City one Friday in October, Marsalis discussed the book and issues raised by it.

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